Toddler behavior

Me and my husband were relaxing one evening and our 2.5 years old uttered the word “BC “(slang in Hindi language like f*** in English). It was shocking to see our toddler behavior.

We were both taken aback. Where did he get that from? For a moment we both didn’t respond, thinking he must have mispronounced it in place of something else. But while playing talking to himself he said it again. Did he say out anger? No! Did he say in response to anything? No!

So as worried parents, what do we do now? How do we improve our toddler behavior.

A 2.5 years old has least wisdom to understand what an abusive word is? Moreover toddlers before 3.5 years as I have gathered from my experience have a mixed notion between do’s and don’t. If something interests them, a word, an activity they repeatedly do it. DON’T even appear to them as attention seeking as Do.

So telling him not to use the word BC would even activate his interest in the word further. I talked to many of my friends, on what could be a possible solution to our new found problem.

How did we overcome?

Finally we have decided that, we should replace the word bc with ‘behen ji’. So next day onwards whenever he used the word BC , we used to say its ‘behen ji’. So like after 2 weeks, the word was finally gone from from his vocabulary. And this relieved us.

A toddler can be exposed to any abusive word from his surroundings, home, play school, tv or anywhere else.

But till the time they have understanding of words there is no point scolding them for something which they are doing in ignorance.

Now my son is 5, I just asked him “behen” and he said mumma behen means sister ! I think we have come a long way.

Happy parenting!

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