You are now 8 weeks pregnant and this week you are working hard in your stomach on the skeleton of your child. The embryo starts moving. However you do not feel this yet as it is quite small right now. You may suffer from morning sickness. This week probably you will have your first appointment of ultrasound with you doctor. Find out what you can or cannot eat when you are 8 weeks pregnant. Read everything about it.

8 weeks pregnancy : Your baby

The embryo starts moving at the week 8 of pregnancy. The movement are still minimal that you cannot feel them. This can be detected only on ultrasound.
The head of the embryo is growing now at a high rate and is gigantic compared to the rest of the body.

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8 weeks pregnancy : You

You may find it difficult to close the button of the pants or your bra. Slowly your body is also changing from outside however you still do not have a pregnancy belly. The pregnancy symptoms gets worse now particularly morning sickness. Its time to have your first appointment for ultrasound.

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