At 7 weeks pregnant, the arms, legs and brain are going to form quickly. your baby is already 10,000 times larger than at the time of conception. The baby is now about 1 centimeter, comparable to a size of pea. But of course it is still very small so you cannot feel it yet. Your breasts also grows faster after week 7 of pregnancy. You may experience cravings of different food. Read everything about your body, the development of your child and practical matters that may be important to you at the moment you are 7 weeks pregnant.

7 weeks pregnant : Your baby

The embryo starts taking the shape of the human being. The arms and legs forms in this week. The brain is also going to take the shape.

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7 weeks pregnancy : You

You may experience cravings for different kind of food which may lead to binge eating. Your breasts are now more sensitive and just started to grow in the size.
The ultrasound of 8-12 weeks is usually the first ultrasound about to take place. Make yourself and your partner prepared for the ultrasound.

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8 weeks pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant : Your eighth week of Pregnancy

You are now 8 weeks pregnant and this week you are working hard in your stomach on the skeleton of your child. The embryo starts moving. However you do not feel this yet as it is quite small right now. You may suffer from morning sickness. This week probably you will have your first appointment…

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