The pregnancy hormones seems to take over your body and symptoms are getting worse. It is impossible to imagine but your baby face is already taking up shape. Fortunately this is all a good news ! Read everything about your body, the development of your child and practical matters that may be important to you at the moment when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

6 weeks pregnant : Your baby

Week 6 is an important week for your embryo as the heart starts to beat. The foundation of your baby has been laid. Another development in this week is the head of your baby. The eyes, ears, nose, jaw and cheeks begin to take shape very gently. The lungs, kidney and liver continues to develop.

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6 weeks pregnant : You

You may not look pregnant as of now but you feel that you are pregnant. The pregnancy symptoms have become increasingly severe. There may be a challenge in peeing as growing uterus starts to press on the bladder. You start spending more time in the toilet than outside.
You start experiencing the morning sickness. If you are unlucky, you will experience the sickness throughout the day. Your smelling power increases and you starts tracking the smells like a dog. You can smell everything a lot stronger.

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