This is the time of your regular menstrual cycle. Since you are now 4 weeks pregnant, your menstrual cycle is missed for the first time. You may not have noticed the first pregnancy symptoms yet. Fortunately you can take a pregnancy test this week but it can also be a little too early.

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4 weeks pregnant : Your baby

Your baby has found its place in the womb and embryo is developing now. The next few weeks are critical for the growth.
The embryo now consists of three layers which will develop into three different body parts of the baby later. The innermost layer will become liver and lungs. The middle layer forms the heart, bones, muscles, kidneys and genitals. The outer layer will form the baby’s hair, skin, eyes and nervous system.
The placenta, now called yolk sac, starts producing the pregnancy hormone HCG. The placenta is very important for the growth of the embryo.

4 weeks pregnant : You

You may fully experience the pregnancy symptoms now : Colic, bloating, fatigue and mood swings. You are overdue your menstrual cycle. The pregnancy hormone HCG level will become high enough to take the pregnancy test.
You cannot tell from your body that you are pregnant. Your stomach may be slightly swollen but still invisible to the outside world. Make sure you get enough iron and calcium at this stage.
Are you pregnant or not ? However, a pregnancy test is only really reliable from the beginning of week 5 . So be patient …

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