At 17 weeks pregnant, the baby is moving more and more. The uterus is growing so fast that you need to go to the toilet extra often. You may experience different pregnancy symptoms such as vaginal discharge, altered nipples, constipation and hemorrhoids. Read everything about your body, the development of your child and practical matters that may be important to you at the moment when you are 17 weeks pregnant.

17 weeks pregnancy : Your baby

Your little one is constantly moving in the 17 weeks of pregnancy. The movements are now smoother and smoother.

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17 weeks pregnancy : You

The uterus continues to grow, leaving less and less space for your bladder. So you have to go to the toilet more often. If you have bladder infection, discuss with your doctor. Here you may experience another set of pregnancy symptoms : vaginal discharge, altered nipples, constipation, and hemorrhoids. Its all part of it.

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