12 weeks pregnant is a great milestone to achieve. The most important organs of your baby are ready and will further develop in the upcoming weeks. After 12 weeks, you may feel your clothes are getting tighter. Read what happens to you when you are 12 weeks pregnant . This week is a milestone for many pregnant women .

12 weeks pregnancy : Your baby

In the past weeks, your baby is more than double in the height. The most important organs and bosy parts are in place now and so the base is ready. The baby will continue to develop and become more refined on a faster pace.
The nails have started to grow on the fingers of the hand and toes. The baby starts moving more and more in the safe amniotic fluid.

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12 weeks pregnancy : You

Your belly is also growing and you may start feeling dizzy. This is because extra blood is going to your baby. It is best to take enough rest, eat regularly and healthy, and do not get up too quickly. Take your time.
You uterus keep getting bigger and take up some space in your lower abdomen. Your pants may become tight and it is no surprise if the button is not getting closed.

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