After 11 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is now call as fetus. This means the earliest stage of pregnancy is passed and the major organs of the baby have been emerged. During fetal phase, other body parts and organs will further develop. At 11 weeks pregnant, Nausea will start decreasing for you and emotional front is getting better. Read everything about your body, the development of your child and practical matters that can be important when you are 11 weeks pregnant.

11 weeks pregnancy : Your baby

From 11 week, your baby is no longer a embryo. Mini muscles begin to form allowing the little one to move arms and legs. The organs and nerves are also getting develop quickly. From now on, your doctor can hear the heart beat of the baby.
In this week, your baby will get the nails, a sense of smell and a hearing organ.

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11 weeks pregnancy : You

The pregnancy symptoms are at its peak and about to be over. You will become more energetic again and nausea will be reduced. You apatite will be returning and your body needs more nutrients. Start taking a healthy and varied diet. Also make sure that you do not overeat as there is no need to eat literally for two.

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