At 10 weeks pregnant, the embryo continues to grow rapidly and the sexual organs starts to develop. However the gender cannot be visible yet on the ultrasound. But you can go for a term ultrasound to find out how long you have been pregnant. The pregnancy hormones makes your emotions fly in all the directions. This week pregnancy hormone hCG is reaching at its highest peak. Read everything about your body, the development of your child and practical matters that can be important when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Find out more.

10 weeks pregnancy : Your baby

The eyelids cover almost the entire eye, nose is grown and upper lip is formed. The head is also getting round. The face looks like more human now. The heart is also getting stronger now and beating 150 beats per minute.

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10 weeks pregnancy : You

Many women experience constipation during pregnancy. If you are also experiencing, you are not alone. Start eating a lot of fibers to avoid the complaints of constipation. Drink plenty of water.
You get the bloated feeling and your clothes seems to be tighter.

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11 Weeks Pregnant : Your eleventh week of Pregnancy

After 11 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is now call as fetus. This means the earliest stage of pregnancy is passed and the major organs of the baby have been emerged. During fetal phase, other body parts and organs will further develop. At 11 weeks pregnant, Nausea will start decreasing for you and emotional front…

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