How do I make my toddlers sleeps by 08:30PM
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I m Rachna, mother of two high energetic toddlers, my son is 5 years old and daughter is 1.5 years old. I am working as an Assistant Professor and I think for all new mothers this is the most stressful task at hand, to get the toddlers sleep on time. Well when my son was born, like any other baby first six months was like no fixed sleep schedule, his changing circadian rhythms. After six months when solids were introduced to his diet, the sleep pattern changed for all good. With all the help from mom, mom in laws and friends who had already raised toddlers, I could gather certain points which may help you as well. Here are my 10 cents on the list below.

  1. Toddler with full tummy sleeps better                      
  2. Fix the sleeping schedule, no naps after 4 pm
  3. Dinner time is 7 pm, then little play, cuddles but no tv/ phone
  4. Pee before getting to bed
  5. By 8 pm lights off

Now whenever I tell my friends that my son sleeps by 8:30pm, most of them says – I hate you or I am so jealous of you. How is that even possible? Yes , it is a possible  if you stick to the plan. We have made certain sacrifices (let go of night life as weddings/ dinners) to let the sleep pattern remain unperturbed. I think eventually its healthy for toddler to have a full night sleep. When they start school, there will not be any issues in waking up early. So when my daughter was born, we followed same routine and both the toddlers happily sleep by 8:30pm. Oh I forgot to mention, when do they wake up in the morning, its between 7 to 7:30 am.

 Ps: Somedays all toddlers are cranky!

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