Pregnancy workout? Should I do the workouts during first trimester? It’s really important to keep yourself healthy and fit during pregnancy. It is good to do a pregnancy workout but find out what suits you best according to your trimester. First trimester is a little bit difficult because the body is going through many changes. To keep your body and mind calm, it will be better if you start light exercises. If you worked out regularly before you were pregnant, then your doctor is likely to encourage you to keep up with your usual program. If you’re just starting an exercise routine, on the other hand, your doctor may recommend doing so gradually.

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There is a myth about exercise during pregnancy causing miscarriage. Exercising during pregnancy, even in the first trimester, is not associated with miscarriage. In fact, exercise is beneficial for the great majority of pregnant people.

But on the other hand you need to be careful when you’re pregnant, the ligaments that support your joints relax, which increases your risk of injury. Plus, your center of gravity shifts as your body grows, which can put more pressure on your pelvis and lower back and cause you to lose your balance more easily as you get later into pregnancy.
So there are few daily workouts which you can modify accordingly your health condition.

  1. Yoga
  2. Walking
  3. Pilates
  4. Swimming or water workouts
  5. Spin class

Ask your doctor for time duration for workouts. It is always better to consult first.

Hope our guide gives you some motivation. Good luck with your pregnancy.

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