You can easily determine at home whether you are pregnant or not. This can be done by a pregnancy test at home. Find out how soon you can take a pregnancy test and how you should perform the test. What to expect if the test is positive or negative, here is our guide to you.

What is pregnancy test ?

A pregnancy test measures the presence of pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine. You can determine whether you are pregnant of not with a pregnancy test at home. This can be done within five minutes. If you want to be extremely sure, then it is best to visit a doctor for a blood test. This can be done after taking the home pregnancy test.

When do you take a pregnancy test ?

You can take the test when you are one day late for your menstrual period. You can also do an early pregnancy test which is four days earlier than the start date of your menstrual period. However the early pregnancy test is a bit unreliable. If you take the test a bit early then the chances of having hCG hormone in your urine is a bit low. This can lead to a false negative result.

Why do you take the pregnancy test ?

The main reason to do a pregnancy test is the lack of your periods or missed periods. However there can be different reasons as below :

  • You are trying to get pregnant
  • You had sex without contraception
  • You have pregnancy symptoms

How do you perform the pregnancy test ?

Basically all the pregnancy tests works the same. You can do a pregnancy test at home by holding the pregnancy strip in your urine. If the test is performed correctly, then a control line will appear on the stick. If you are pregnant then another control line will appear or sometimes a plus or pregnant word in some of the sticks.

Tips for pregnancy test ?

The following tips can help you while taking up the pregnancy test :

  • Use morning urine. You can use any urine for the pregnancy test but the morning urine is the best. It contains the largest amount of hCG.
  • Drink as little as possible beforehand. Drinking a lot just before taking up the pregnancy test may dilute the urine and it becomes difficult to determine the hCG hormone in the urine.
  • Check the shelf life. Although the pregnancy sticks can be used for a long time but it is always good to check the expiration date.
  • Check the instruction manual. For the best use of pregnancy stick, make sure to read the instructions on the manual.

Pregnancy Test Negative ?

If the test result is negative which means you are not pregnant. But sometimes the results can be false negative. Following factors can be the cause :

  • Early pregnancy test. You tested early when the amount of hCG hormone is too low to be detected by the stick.
  • Drank beforehand. If you drink a lot before taking up the test, this may dilute the urine and ends up with the false negative.
  • Test is performed incorrectly. Did you look at the user manual closely and followed each and every step?

Pregnancy Test Positive ?

The result is positive, congratulations that you are pregnant. However it can also be possible that it is a false positive. Following factors can cause it :

  • Test is performed incorrectly. Did you look at the user manual closely and followed each and every step?
  • You are on certain medication. The medication related to fertility can also increase the amount of hCG in the urine and lead to false positive.
  • Reading the result too late? Usually you should read the result within five minutes. If you are reading the results late, this might gives a false positive.

Are you pregnant ? What now ?

Congratulations that you are pregnant ! Follow our week by week pregnancy guide and find out what to expect as your baby gets bigger and bigger. Read about the development of the baby, how your body changes during the course of 9 months and what should you keep in mind during the pregnancy. Follow some of the basic advice :

  • Eat healthy and keep moving.
  • Stop drinking acohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Start taking folic acids and vitamin D regularly.

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