Yes, You are now 3 weeks pregnant. The egg has been fertilized by the sperm. For a moment nothing happens but after 24 hrs, the sperm starts to divide and divide and divide. Cell division continues until the baby will eventually consists of billion of cells. You may experience the first early pregnancy symptoms. You may loose a little blood at the end of the week. Read everything about your body and the development of your child when you are in the third week of pregnancy. Week 3 starts at pregnancy day 21 and runs to day 28.

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3 Weeks Pregnant : Your Baby

The fertilized egg is divided into balls of cells called as blastocyst. In this week, blastocyst reaches uterus and finds a place in the uterine wall. In the uterine wall, these cells split into two groups. One half becomes the embryo and the other half will become placenta.

3 Weeks Pregnant : You

You may notice an implantation bleeding. Mild colic, bloating, fatigue and mood swings may be noticed. Your breasts may seems to be slightly more sensitive.

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